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COVID19 has changed everything about the way we move about the world. And as we make our way back to a new normal I recognize changes will need to occur in the way the studio operates. Given the current economic changes individuals are experiencing I want to experiment with more radical pricing and still allow this studio to be a safe place for physical and mental wellness. 

Please consider that this Studio is NOT a non for profit business and does have overhead obligations to fulfill. The following pricing plan will be an experiment for now and I welcome any suggestions for improvement. 


 $50 monthly membership (30 days from date of purchase)

- unlimited classes

- priority scheduling for class spots

- membership is suggested if you attend class weekly and want to guarantee a class spot

- workshops and special events not included

$5 Single Class Option

- You are not guaranteed a spot in class, this will be based on availability. If class is full you will be refunded and notified 1 hour before class.

Given the restraints to class size being limited to 6 individuals per class they will fill up quickly. If it appears to be a need, more class times will be added in the future.