Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1- Relax and Restore

We live in a world the is focused on the idea of detoxification (feel the burn, sweat it out, pain equals a good workout), attitudes toward the promotion of detoxification. Detoxification can be a good thing but as a society we have taken this to a negative place by making it seem like the body can only be brought to a state of health and wellness through harsh means. To detox is to cleanse, but once you have taken from the body you must replenish it. To create balance, we must understand detoxification and restoration is needed for whole body wellness. To restore is to replenish and nourish the body. Restoration as an ongoing practice is nourishing, supporting and abundant.


What is Restorative Yoga?

-supported release




Level 2- Restore and Re-balance

The focus of this training is to teach opening not stretching. 

No restorative practice is the same and should never be considered needing to be the same. In this training we attempt to take a deeper look at a restorative practice that can not only rest and relax the body but re-balance it. Special focus is given to head and neck support and understanding why this is a very important area to support in a restorative practice. A single support of the head and neck is the start of re-balancing the body. Body alignment is also emphasized as it is virtually impossible to let go with ease if you are not in a position to open and release.