Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

The fundamentals of trauma sensitive yoga will be discussed including its use, clinical vs. non-clinical practices, origins, basic class set-up and how to work with trauma survivors as a yoga teacher.  The role of yoga in trauma work will be explored and understanding of body awareness and somatic experiencing as a foundation of the practice. Three different approaches to trauma sensitive yoga will be studied including restorative and aerial. This training has been developed and formed by a doctorate level trauma therapy clinician. Aspect of mental health treatment, trauma work, and yoga therapy have been integrated into this training. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training Outline 


1 Creating Present Moment Focus

2 Developing mindfulness skills

3 Building Curiosity and Developing Tolerance for Experiencing Sensation

4 Changing the Relationship with the Body

5 Centering

6 Grounding

7 Building Affect-Regulation Skills

8 Breathing Practices and Affect Regulation

9 Practicing Choice

10 Integrating Aspects of Experience

11 Increasing Confidence

12 Building Connection to Others